At Relevant Packaging, it’s never just been about producing; it’s about innovation, craftsmanship, and your brand.

Today, we’re ecstatic to announce:

🌟 The RMGT 1050LX-6+CC+LD 8 Color Press is now live and running! 🌟

In the realm of packaging, it’s the nuanced details that elevate your carton from commodity to brand-worthy.  Our new RMGT 1050LX-6+CC+LD 8 Color Press isn’t just another addition to our facility; it’s a leap into the future of print production.

Why All the Excitement Around the RMGT 1050LX-6+CC+LD 8 Color Press?

Unmatched Color Depth & Versatility: Envision seven colors brightly filling one side, a unique single color on the other, and a gloss coating to seal the deal—all in one seamless pass. Welcome to the next level of dynamic carton printing.

  • Efficiency Reimagined: Boasting simultaneous plate changing and an automatic delivery shuttle, this press redefines continuous production. The future is not just about faster output but smarter, more efficient production.
  • Precision Like Never Before: Thanks to RMGT’s PQS-D system, every sheet undergoes automatic inspections for color, registration, and quality. Each print embodies perfection.
  • A Spectrum of Packaging Solutions: With features such as a diverse skeleton transfer cylinder, automatic nonstop feeder, and a versatile coating unit, this press is a maestro in handling both UV and conventional inks and coatings.

Our ambition at Relevant Packaging has been unwavering: to invest in unparalleled quality. This new addition is a testament to that commitment.

We’re driven by The Relevant Purpose to create and ensure a safe, and engaging workspace. Here, innovation isn’t just embraced; it’s the norm. By leveraging the finest in technology, we’ve crafted a culture that is solution-centric and relentlessly focused on quality.

At Relevant Packaging, innovation is at the heart of everything. Our investments are your assets, fortifying your brand message with impeccable color and consistency.

The anticipation that began with the installation in September 2023 has culminated in this moment. As sheets roll out, imprinted with unparalleled precision and vibrancy, we can’t help but feel an immense sense of pride and excitement.

For our cherished partners, this translates into unmatched quality, competitive pricing, and swift turnarounds that not just match but surpass expectations.

As we embark on this new chapter with our RMGT press, we’re not just introducing a new piece of equipment; we’re ushering in a new era of printing at Relevant Packaging. And we’re thrilled to have you be a part of this revolutionary journey.

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