In July 2023, Relevant Packaging installed our 5th Bobst Die-cutter.


The newest addition is a 106 Blanker

(That beautiful pic above is from our shop.)

Our newest Bobst is already a star member of the team! Average speeds on our production floor have been over 6,000 sheets per hour, with a top speed of 8,000 sheets per hour.  With this addition we continue to increase our cost-effective capabilities to serve our clients with high quality and quick production times.

At Relevant, we’re more than the machines.

In addition to the added equipment, our die-cutting team has embraced new training and cross-training on multiple equipment pieces—as well as exploring continuous improvement with a focus on incremental improvements to processes—in order to ensure top quality and productivity on an ongoing basis.




Check out this PDF of What’s New At Relevant Sept 2023 Issue: Whats New_Sep 2023_OL




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