New Press + New Press = Im-Pressed
in the Press Room

Last year, Relevant Packaging added a 41″ KBA printing press. This press includes both conventional offset and UV printing capabilities. With KBA’s closed loop color control system, each and every sheet is scanned, enabling consistent color maintenance and defect free printing. It also boasts a run speed of 16,000 sheets per hour, a great addition to our current printing capacity. This acquisition brought Relevant Packaging’s printing production up to four multiple-color offset printing presses and three high-end inkjet digital presses, solidifying our capacity to manage your ever-changing needs and challenges.


In October 2022, Relevant Packaging installed a new 40″ RMGT Mitsubishi Press. A fully automated closed-loop color system facilitates consistent repeatable color on every image, every run. A simultaneous plates changer, so that all plates are changed simultaneously, reduces plate changes to under 90 seconds. Plus the press boasts press speeds of up to 17,000 sheets per hour.


The newly installed 41″ RMGT is such a great investment in our future and our partners, we bought a second one.

Yes! We are excited to announce that we have ordered our second new RMGT press, which will arrive in Q3 of 2023.

The next press is an eight-color with 7/1 capabilities. The press will run both UV and conventional inks and coatings.

These investments are customer driven to meet your needs in the most efficient way possible.

Do you need a packaging solution? Relevant can help!